Eden Energy Medicine

Do you feel: Vibrant? Healthy? Energetic? If the answer is ‘No’ then read on… Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) with Dilys Ross www.gentlelifechange.co.uk may be just what you are looking for! EEM is based on Donna Eden’s teachings and practice over the past 35 years. Donna Eden is a widely respected pioneer in the field of Continue reading »

Green And Juicy

We at GREEN AND JUICY, Muriel and Karen, provide healthy, raw and cooked vegan food.  We combine the finest, organic, locally-sourced ingredients, mainly from our own allotment and garden, to create nutritionally-dense dishes, that are packed with enzymes and are affordable to all. Slow-dried raw pizza, raw and cooked curries, raw lasagne, raw quiche, raw Continue reading »

When did you last connect with gratitude?

You know what it’s like when things don’t go well or they don’t go the way we planned it or hoped it would. It’s disappointing right? All that effort and time we put into something and it didn’t work. So we beat ourselves up a bit, focus on the negative and obsess about what we Continue reading »

The School Of Fine Tuning

Written by: Anna Lowe Welcome to the School of Fine Tuning where anything is possible !! Please have a look at The School website for all the details and sign up to the course of your choice. I am delighted to offer a Full Level 3 qualification in Anatomy and Physiology as well as Holistic Continue reading »


Tarot Cards – they tell you what’s going to happen, right? You know, when you’re going to meet ‘that special one’, get the dream job, find the right house, come into money etc. etc. . . . Wrong! The future is not pre-determined or already set in stone. Given that we, as humans, invented time, Continue reading »


The first step to healing is to admit and accept ‘I have created this experience/problem/conflict.’ Until we can accept this fact, rather than blaming others, we cannot truly heal. For instance, the person who we feel is causing us distress may have done some awful things, but energetically, we have been brought together to experience Continue reading »

The Soul Project

“I used to think to myself “Will I ever be enough…..” I spent most of my younger years being defined by what school bullies thought of me, I lived with moments of social isolation, low-self-esteem and little self-worth….. who knew someone can hold so much power over you just by using their words! After attending Continue reading »

Fed Up With Chipped Nails? Jamberry Have The Answer…

Independents Consultants: Sharon Miccoli, Tara Reeves and Alexandra Miccoli-New Jamberry, the modern day nail solution to help you feel as amazing as you deserve. A nail wrap that truly represents your signature style. Using everyday tools like a hairdryer and a nail file, you can easily apply, shape and bond the nail wraps to your Continue reading »

So What Makes Solkiki Chocolate So Special?

Solkiki Craft Chocolatemaker are one of Europe’s very few bean-to-bar chocolatemakers.  Vegan owned and operated, Solkiki find and purchase the world’s finest and rarest cacao directly from the farms.  They use minimal processing to keep nutritional content very high; Solkiki chocolate is the superfood of the gods, and the perfect food for a human. Ethics Continue reading »

Get your sparkle back…

Take a moment and think about the very best days of your life. You probably felt on top of the world and full of energy. You may have seen the world as your oyster and felt as though you could achieve virtually anything. When we feel like this we positively glow; our enthusiasm becomes contagious Continue reading »