Eden Energy Medicine

Do you feel:

  • Vibrant?
  • Healthy?
  • Energetic?

If the answer is ‘No’ then read on…

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) with Dilys Ross www.gentlelifechange.co.uk may be just what you are looking for!

EEM is based on Donna Eden’s teachings and practice over the past 35 years. Donna Eden is a widely respected pioneer in the field of holistic medicine. EEM includes techniques from ancient healing traditions e.g. Chinese acupressure and Kinesiology. It can compliment traditional medicine and also be used as a complete self-care system.

Our communication with our body’s Energy systems is crucial for health. Albert Einstein discovered that “Energy is all there is” EEM can help you to understand and release your body’s natural healing pathways of energy. This supports your health, your inborn healing abilities and also boosts your vitality and stamina.

Come and discover easy ways to access your inner resources of energy at this Zest for Life Health and Wellbeing show. Learn how to move beyond illness to wellness with a daily energy routine.

Dilys Ross will be holding her talk ‘Eden Energy Medicine’ in Studio 2 from 3.30 pm- 4.00pm