Green And Juicy

We at GREEN AND JUICY, Muriel and Karen, provide healthy, raw and cooked vegan food. 

We combine the finest, organic, locally-sourced ingredients, mainly from our own allotment and garden, to create nutritionally-dense dishes, that are packed with enzymes and are affordable to all.

Slow-dried raw pizza, raw and cooked curries, raw lasagne, raw quiche, raw burgers, soups and raw dehydrated bread…all accompanied by a selection of tastebud-tingling, chopped and wild green salads, with microgreens, sprouts, kimchi, sauerkraut, chutneys, and scrumptious raw dips.

For dessert, we offer raw vegan cheesecake, raw apple cake, raw chocolate fudge brownies….and more!

We also supply fresh juices, smoothies, wheatgrass and kombucha.

All our food is vegan, gluten-free and wheat-free, and much of it is made in the Thermomix, a unique and powerful food processor and blender from Germany, that also cooks, cleans and self-cleans! 

Do come and join us on our stall at the Zest 4 Life Show at the Littledown Centre in Bournemouth, on Sunday 14th May, where we will be offering a selection of our healthy vegan dishes, to nourish mind, body and soul – and inviting you to see the amazing Thermomix in action!

We look forward to seeing you! 😊