Tarot Cards – they tell you what’s going to happen, right? You know, when you’re going to meet ‘that special one’, get the dream job, find the right house, come into money etc. etc. . . . Wrong!

The future is not pre-determined or already set in stone. Given that we, as humans, invented time, how can it be? From a Universal perspective, time in a linear sense, does not exist, it is just one ongoing ‘now’. From our Earthly perspective, we are continually creating our future, by what we do in that ‘now’.

So, if we approach using something like the Tarot to try and find out what is going to happen to us, we are ultimately giving our power away. This is the power to determine our own future, get what we want and create our own reality. If we think it is just a matter of ‘trusting the Universe/God’ etc., then why do we have the will inside us to do what we wish and make our own choices? Reading the Tarot in this way, for me, is the opposite of empowerment for the client.

The approach of ‘Tarot Therapy’ is to look at the client’s situation, as it is now, as a result of what has happened already, and see how they can best use this information to achieve what they want and how they can best grow and learn.

It does this from a standpoint of using the cards as ‘energies’, rather than the pre-determined ‘meanings’ given to each card, every time it appears in a reading. For example, the Four of Pentacles might traditionally be read as ‘financial stability’. With a ‘therapeutic’ approach We can see that the power of the number four brings an energy that may mean we need to find a security in our everyday life as a platform on which we can build. This energy tells us we cannot stay stuck in the same place, doing the same thing all the time, or it becomes a trap and prison from which we might need to break free. There is a fundamental difference in approach here.

One of the chief foundations of the Tarot Therapy approach to using the cards is that they do not have any ‘meanings’, since they are a depiction of energy. That energy is ‘translated’ by the reader, and whilst it has its own individual quality, it is also about all the cards that are selected by the client. These are not laid out in a pre-determined ‘spread’, but whatever number is chosen by the client is placed as they wish.

This is rather like saying to the Tarot ‘tell me what I need to know right now’. Since the structure of the Tarot deck is energetically the same as the structure of the human being, it follows that what we are really asking is for the Tarot to reflect that which we know already, our innate sense of ‘gnosis’ (knowing/wisdom).

Everything that exists, be it our relationship, job, home, etc. must exist first at an energetic level. The Tarot shows us this energetic level of life, and more importantly, gives us the keys and tools to use it to help us get what is right for us, what will benefit us most and so create our own reality.



Steve Hounsome works with Tarot Therapy in Poole, Dorset, giving individual consultations and teaching Courses. See lots more at www.tarottherapy.co.uk